February 03, 2015

Family Theatre Evening

Recently it seems everyone's been incredibly busy, off doing their own thing. When I thought about it couldn't remember the last time my Mum, Dad and I did something together as a family for no reason what so ever apart from the fact we wanted to enjoy each others company!

So I decided it was about time we spent a bit of quality time together, family bonding time if you will.

I booked three tickets to see East is East at the Opera House - it's one of Mum's favourite films so I thought she would like it - told Mum and Dad the time and the place and said they had no say in the matter.

We went for a bite to eat at Gusto before. I think it's fairly new in Manchester, but with it being a firm favourite of ours in Liverpool we had a sneaky suspicion it would be pretty good.
The restaurant itself is beautiful and very elegant. Theres a huge square bar in the middle surrounded by tables and booths for diners.
We popped open a bottle of Prosecco and toasted to our evening.
We nibbled on Bruschetta, pitta and hummus to start.
Which we followed up with an array of main courses which were all delicious.

Seared tuna for me.
Tagliatelle with prawns, garlic and sweet chilli tomato sauce for Dad.
Grana Padano Risotto with pancetta for Mum.
Mine was perfect, cooked just the way I like it and it was incredibly delicious!

We had to eat at early doors, 6pm, to make sure we were finished in time for the theatre. Regardless, the restaurant was still bustling, full of office and business people of the likes.
After we had paid our dues we strolled down to the Opera House and took our seats ready for the show to begin.
It went down a treat with Mum and she really enjoyed it. It was funny and entertaining but, in my opinion, the second half was definitely better than the first half.
After a lovely evening I kissed Mum and Dad goodbye and we reluctantly went our separate ways.

Gusto did not disappoint and may have even been better than I had expected it to be. Definitely a firm favourite of mine, now both in Liverpool and Manchester!

January 26, 2015

The Igloo

So as I said before, you don't just ski on a skiing holiday.

We were pretty good with getting up early and skiing at the beginning of the week, but as the week drew on we left the chalet later and later and after doing a couple of runs one day we decided to explore the mountains a little bit more but this time without the skis.
After rallying together we caught the gondola three quarters of the way up the mountain with the intent on swapping to another one to go right to the top. Unfortunately we missed the last gondola up so we stayed at 2700ft.
We saw the worst run I have ever done ^ in all it's glory from above. The conditions made it like a sheet of ice. People were sidestepping down the sides and after losing my skis once or twice I gave up and decided that it was better to just go for it, so with skis pointing down the mountain I literally just went straight down. We spent the rest of the week trying to avoid it!!
I'd like to thank Ruairí for this block of ice to the head...
Anyway after admiring the views and a lot of general silliness we spied an igloo. Yup an igloo. So with nothing else really to do up there we decided to take a look inside.
I'd never been in an igloo so it was more out of curiosity I wanted to have a nosey and be able to say, "hell yeah! I've been in an igloo."
There were ice and snow sculptures designed by artists. Each year they have a different theme and this year it was under the sea.
They were pretty impressive.
Being as mature as always..
Possibly one of my favourite/the funniest photo ^. Oh Ruairí, you certainly look like you're enjoying yourself!!
Under da sea, under da seaaa..
They really were somethin' different!!
After re-emerging from the igloo back into the sunshine, we caught the last gondola back down the mountain after an afternoon of fun with lots of stories to tell.