July 24, 2014

Kopparberg Tents in the East

I'm incredibly bad at documenting mine and Laura's time together. 

I stayed with Laura for a few days.
She showed me the sights of Shoreditch and East London and I think it's definitely fair to say we had a pretty good time. 

The day after the night before we were taking it easy. Seeing the sights of Dalston, soaking up the sun and rehydrating.
When before we knew it we were sipping on Elderflower & Lime and Cloudberry Kopparberg in an ethereal teepee.
There's a pop up Kopparberg Urban Forest teepee just off the high street in Dalston and it seemed like the perfect way to spend a hot and sweaty afternoon.

London was muggy and the air sticky. With a storm brewing we cooled down with a fair few of these...

July 21, 2014

Wood, Liquor & Burn

Dan was in Manchester catching up with some friends from uni so I decided to tag along for the afternoon. It was a lovely afternoon spent eating and drinking in the sunshine. Dan's friends from uni, like mine, are scattered all over the country so it's always nice when they all get together. 

After saying goodbye we ran for our train, which we unfortunately missed, so we decided to stay in Manchester for a bit longer and go for a drink. 

We headed over to the Northern Quarter with the intent of sitting outside in the sunshine.
With it being a Friday afternoon everywhere was heaving so we had no such luck we opted to cozy up on a big comfy sofa in Wood.

Wood's a little wine bar and deli tucked away in a corner next to Simple. I'd never been before but it's quite small with bags of character. 
If you fancy, you can perch yourself on a tree trunk and watch the world go by.
The deli platters looked really good too so we're definitely going to have to come back and try them.

But for now we stuck with the wine.
After a bit more of a wander we'd built up quite an appetite so instead of getting our train home we decided to stay in Manchester and get some food.
We were going to try somewhere new, but being the indecisive pair that we are, we decided on an oldie but a goldie, Dan's favourite, Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn.

With our names on the list we waited upstairs with a That Juan cocktail.
The verdict...?
It was gooooooood.
You'll remember last time how I said the lighting made pictures near almost impossible. Well nothing has changed. But I tried so you'll have to just look past the slightly funny coloured tinge.
I must admit I am very happy to have this one back from Spain. I've missed him lots.
But anyway, enough lovey dovey nonsense and on to the good stuff.
I went on a bear hunt and got a delicious spicy salmon and avocado salad. It was a very hearty salad though. No flimsy lettuce leaves here.

I think I can safely say that I could eat this every day for the rest of my life.
Whilst Dan went for the Liquor & Burn burger. A double cheeseburger with chorizo, chicken and a load of other goodies pilled on and squished into a bun. Now that's a lot to get your mouth around!
with a side of loaded fries.
We did eventually, but very reluctantly catch our train home.
With these delicious PiƱa Colada cookies from M&S for dessert it made the journey a bit more bearable.

Have you tried them? They're amazing!

July 16, 2014

Banana & Beetroot Smoothie

I've spent the last couple of days having a Spring Summer clean. A complete clear out of everything. So far I've filled black bin bags with things we no longer use/didn't even know we still had. It feels good. Kind of like sorting out everything in my life, clearing my head.

Anyway as apart of the clear out I've decided to use up left overs in the cupboard and the fridge. We had a bunch of beetroot just sat in the middle shelf on the fridge. Now I'm not the biggest beetroot fan. Cooked, raw, juiced, it just doesn't do anything for me. I think this stems from my early days of juicing when I made the huge mistake of juicing cooked beetroot (instead of raw) and if you've ever made this mistake before then I'm sure you'll know that it's enough to put you off beetroot for life.

However beetroots are insanely good for you. They have properties which are linked to lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation along with fighting inflammation, anti cancer properties and being able to boost stamina. Even more, beetroots are high in vitamin C, fibre and essential minerals. They are probably most well known for their detoxification properties as they support detoxification of your blood and your liver. Making it a fabulous 'morning after the night before' vegetable. (Not that I know many people who crave beetroot when they're hungover).

Anyway if that's not enough reasons to introduce beetroot into your diet then I don't know what is!

I added it into this smoothie along with a load of other goodies et voila, you still got all the benefits with only a hint of beetroot. 

To make 1 smoothie you will need:

3 Red apples 
1 Carrot 
A small knob of ginger 
1 Beetroot bulb 
1 Large banana (ripe -> slightly over ripe. This will give it the bananary taste)
2 Handfuls of blackberries 
Ice (optional, if banana and blackberries are frozen there's no need to add ice).

NB. You will need a juicer and a blender for this recipe.

Juice everything except the banana and blackberries. Then pour the juice into the blender along with the banana, blackberries and ice if needed.
It makes the smoothie such a pretty colour as well!

Mission accomplished, beetroots successfully incorporated into my life.