October 21, 2014


We decided very early on that one thing we wanted to do in each country was to sample a local delicacy or a popular food.

Believe it or not pancakes came out near the top on things to try in Amsterdam, so we hunted down the best pancakes in Amsterdam and I am pretty certain we found them!
When the queue is out of the door, you know you're onto a good thing, so we took our place and waited with anticipation!
Pancakes! is a small cosy restaurant that does dutch pancakes that are Out. Of. This. World!
So what are Dutch pancakes I hear you cry? Well for me they're a cross between a fluffy American Pancake and a delicate French crepe. They're pretty special and can be either savoury or sweet depending on what tickles your fancy.
Hot chocolates ordered we watched a stream of mouthwatering pancakes coming out of the kitchen.
They did not help our natural indecisiveness. Every time a different pancake came out we changed our mind about what we wanted.
Eventually we decided on chocolate, banana and mixed nut pancakes,
and crispy bacon, soon to be drowned with maple syrup.
It's fair to say we were very happy ladies.
Even though they were monstrous, we still managed to finish them.

We left feeling very happy, very full and a little bit sick. but oh it was worth it.
If you're ever in Amsterdam you should definitely pay Pancakes! a visit.

October 20, 2014


So I told you we were going to be doing all things touristy, so welcome to tourist attraction numero uno!

After a failed attempt of getting into the Anne Frank museum (the queue was over 3 hours long) we headed to another, slightly less historically important but just as iconic, landmark, the I AMSTERDAM sign.
To make sure I got prime views I perched myself on top of the 't' and, for once, was able to see the world from above and wave down to people. I basically used it as a climbing frame - it was so much fun!
The Rijksmuseum was looking beautiful
and wasn't long until this little munchkin came and joined me.
Not to be out done, we were joined by this pretty lady.
After all posing for a group shot
we came slightly more back down to Earth, 2 meters to be exact, and we went for a wander around the Rijksmuseum gardens and played with the fountains.
Amsterdam saw the beginning of our whirlwind love affair with free walking tours.
So there was less of this ^, meaning less chance of us getting lost and therefore less chance we would miss anything majorly important off our sightseeing bucket lists.
Unfortunately the walking tour also marked a very significant event for us as well. The beginning of nearly two weeks of constant rain!!! So let me introduce you to my trusty, very fashionable, purple raincoat that was about as useful as a chocolate teapot because it had no hood!!
Anyway, I kind of like cities in the rain.
Our walking tour took us all around Amsterdam. We went with a tour company called Sandman's New Europe and our tour guide, Geert, was literally the best! A free walking tour is basically what it says on the tin. You turn up at a specified time and place then at the end, if you think it's been any good, you can tip your tour guide. I cannot recommend this one enough, it was absolutely brilliant. Little did we know this was actually going to set a bit of a trend for us as we insisted in going on a free walking tour in every city.
Amsterdam bicycle fact - there are over 880,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. That's 100,000 more bikes than people! 2000 of which have to be fished out of the canals every year.
We stopped off at the most amazing place for lunch called La Place. It was like the Dutch equivalent of Whole Foods. All the food looked so delicious, fresh and healthy. The girls and I had soup in a desperate attempt to try and warm up but the smoothies also looked incredible.
Despite the rain our spirits were not dampened and we ended our walking tour on a high feeling like we'd got to grips with the city a little bit better. Thanks Geert!

October 15, 2014

Trof Sunday's

I'm going to give us credit where it's due and say that since we've come back to uni we've been pretty good with cooking. We've had a fair few delicious feasts, big Sunday Roasts with all the trimmings and curry nights. So I think it would be fair to say that we deserved a day off.

It was the afternoon after the night before and we decided to let someone else do the cooking for us instead, so headed over to the Northern Quarter and see what they had to offer.

Feeling a little tired and a tad peaky we went to pig out at Trof...geddit!? Terrible, I know, anyway we found ourselves a nice little booth tucked away in the corner and cozied up there for the afternoon.
 We ordered crispy roast pork
Sweet potato falafel
 and butternut squash, pesto and brie tart with sweet potato mash and all the trimmings.
It hit the spot perfectly but we ended up in food comas groaning in mild pain.

Trof is always a winner for food in the Northern Quarter. It's chilled and laid back and the food is delicious.

We eventually took ourselves home..not before we decided we actually had room for something sweet so grabbed a few goodies from M&S and went to devour them at home snuggled on the sofa watching the X factor.

I think this might have to become a weekly thing!