January 26, 2015

The Igloo

So as I said before, you don't just ski on a skiing holiday.

We were pretty good with getting up early and skiing at the beginning of the week, but as the week drew on we left the chalet later and later and after doing a couple of runs one day we decided to explore the mountains a little bit more but this time without the skis.
After rallying together we caught the gondola three quarters of the way up the mountain with the intent on swapping to another one to go right to the top. Unfortunately we missed the last gondola up so we stayed at 2700ft.
We saw the worst run I have ever done ^ in all it's glory from above. The conditions made it like a sheet of ice. People were sidestepping down the sides and after losing my skis once or twice I gave up and decided that it was better to just go for it, so with skis pointing down the mountain I literally just went straight down. We spent the rest of the week trying to avoid it!!
I'd like to thank RuairĂ­ for this block of ice to the head...
Anyway after admiring the views and a lot of general silliness we spied an igloo. Yup an igloo. So with nothing else really to do up there we decided to take a look inside.
I'd never been in an igloo so it was more out of curiosity I wanted to have a nosey and be able to say, "hell yeah! I've been in an igloo."
There were ice and snow sculptures designed by artists. Each year they have a different theme and this year it was under the sea.
They were pretty impressive.
Being as mature as always..
Possibly one of my favourite/the funniest photo ^. Oh RuairĂ­, you certainly look like you're enjoying yourself!!
Under da sea, under da seaaa..
They really were somethin' different!!
After re-emerging from the igloo back into the sunshine, we caught the last gondola back down the mountain after an afternoon of fun with lots of stories to tell.

January 21, 2015

Tea at Rosylee

On a miserable Saturday afternoon the girls and I went to brighten up our day in the form of a beautiful afternoon tea at Rosylee in the Northern Quarter.

We're trying to make the most of our time off, and our student loans, before it's time to hit the books again.

We pealed off our millions of layers of coats, scarfs and gloves and settled down with pots of Earl Grey and green tea.
We started with 2 tiers of finger sandwiches. Salmon and cucumber (my favourite), cheese and onion, chicken salad and beef with caramelised onion.
Moving on to the scones which were stuffed full of juicy raisins.
The million dollar question, are you a layer of clotted cream then a dollop of jam, or a smothering of jam with a dollop of cream kinda person? - It makes all the difference!
Then it was on to the cakes.
They were all deliciously moist and sweet but we all seemed to have different favourites. Fran loved the carrot cake, which was no surprise as she's a huge carrot cake fan. Haze loved the tangy lemon cake and I was torn between the rich chocolate cake and the carrot cake, just me being greedy and indecisive!
I took this little guy ^ out for his first venture to get a couple of snaps. He's a vintage/retro, fully restored Polaroid camera which I received as a Christmas present. So far I'm pretty chuffed with how the pictures are turning out. 

We spent the whole afternoon chatting and ordering numerous pots of tea.
We watched people come and go the whole afternoon and after a solid 3 and a half hours of being caught up in each others company we eventually realised the sun had set. Our lunch date had transitioned into the early evening, so we decided it was probably time to brace the snowy weather outside.
After a positively Tea-rific afternoon, and sneaking a look at other people's food as it floated passed, we've decided that a visit back is a must. 
Haze had another date with friends that evening but Fran and I spent the rest of the night snuggled up on the sofa with hot chocolates, blankets and watching Bridget Jones' Diary. Staying in on a Saturday night is definitely the new going out!